Leadership Curriculum

We believe that leadership learning, both implicit and explicit, can and should permeate all subjects as well as the general ethos, culture and community of our school.  Embedding leadership within the curriculum provides our young people with the language and tools to help them develop their leadership skills.

In the regular timetable, Leadership skills are taught as discrete behaviours through the PSHE Curriculum.  Throughout the year, we also organise Leadership Days – intensive learning experiences, which are linked to pupils’ passions, aspirations and development needs. Pupils participate in cross-curricular projects that foster their leadership capacities and provide the opportunity for pupils to apply their leadership skills in real and simulated age appropriate situations.

We are firm believers in leading change through our teachers and from the classroom, which is why each Year Group has a designated teacher who acts as a Leadership Specialism Ambassador. The main role of Leadership Specialism Ambassadors is to ensure that leadership is at the heart of teaching and learning, and that teachers seize opportunities to promote our core specialism skills through their teaching. Our Ambassadors not only walk the walk, but talk the talk, as they are seen as role models and lead practitioners in and around the school through their involvement in leadership activities.

Leadership Academies

We strongly believe that high quality extra-curricular activities enhance the learning experience beyond the curriculum and are an essential part of school life. For all our pupils a comprehensive programme of enrichment opportunities – Olive Leadership Academies – are offered, aimed at developing the key ‘personal skills and aptitudes’, along with developing specific interests and talents.

The Leadership Academies provide opportunities for pupils to try new things and are an excellent medium to foster good relationships between staff, pupils and parents. They develop pupils’ social skills by providing a forum of interaction between pupils across different ages and schools. We offer a variety of Leadership Academies to meet the different interests of the children. Leadership Academies change every term, so that all children’s interests are catered for.

All KS1 pupils are expected to participate in at least one Leadership Academy per week, whilst KS2 pupils are expected to complete two Leadership Academies per week, all of which take place outside the formal school day.



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