School judged ‘outstanding’ in first Ofsted inspection

Staff, pupils, parents and governors from The Olive School, Birmingham are celebrating after their school was judged ‘outstanding’ in all areas following its first Ofsted inspection.

An Ofsted inspection team visited the Birmingham primary school, which opened in September 2016, for two days at the end of June.

The inspection report published this week commends the Sparkhill school in all areas, including the ‘outstanding teaching’ and ‘exemplary behaviour’ of its pupils. Inspectors reported that ‘children get off to a flying start in the excellent early years provision’ and praised the ‘rich and exciting curriculum that fires their imaginations’.

The report goes on to compliment the school’s senior leadership team who ‘have secured consistently high-quality teaching and curriculum planning’ which has resulted in ‘substantial progress in learning’.

Ofsted inspectors also praised the ‘very strong’ teaching of phonics and reading and pupils’ positive attitudes to learning. They found that ‘pupils of all ages have high self-esteem and feel valued and respected. They take pride in their work, are diligent and hard working’.

The inspection team noted that ‘disadvantaged pupils achieved very well and exceeded the expected standards’ and that ‘pupils with SEND make substantial progress…because of the very well-focused support and highly effective teaching’.

The report was also full of praise for the school’s pupils and their ‘outstanding’ behaviour: ‘Pupils’ conduct throughout the day in and around school and in lessons is typically exemplary’ and ‘commendable behaviour is second nature’. It adds that pupils ‘are developing into responsible citizens who know that, even from an early age, they can be influential in their locality’.

The report goes on to highlight that ‘teaching is outstanding’, ‘learning is thorough’ and ‘teachers have high aspirations for their pupils’. It adds that ‘learning is always fun because of the highly interesting lessons that teachers plan.’ It went on to say that ‘teaching of phonics and reading is very strong. Teachers have detailed subject knowledge of how to promote deep learning and understanding for pupils.’

Particular praise was made of the effectiveness of the school’s leadership, with the report saying: ‘The principal leads her team from the moral stance of ensuring that there is equality of opportunity for every child and that there are no barriers to learning, only solutions. She has instilled the belief in her leaders that each child is capable of reaching the highest possible outcomes’. It goes on to say that ‘staff thrive under the clarity of her vision and guidance’ and ‘leaders at all levels have a steadfast determination to continuously improve’.

School governors and trustees were also lauded because they ‘know the school’s strengths and areas for development’, ‘use this information incisively to provide school leaders with focused and constructive challenge and support, to improve the life chances of all the pupils in their care’ and that ‘they are not afraid to ask challenging questions about the progress of different groups’.

Inspectors judged the school’s early years provision to be outstanding, stating that children ‘get off to a flying start’ and ‘make outstanding progress’. The report goes on to say that ‘children make excellent gains in personal, social and emotional development due to the strong emphasis on faith and character education’ and ‘are given highly stimulating experiences so that they are always motivated and continuously want to explore and find things out for themselves’.

Key findings of Ofsted’s report include:

  • ‘Pupils’ attainment at the end of key stage 1 is significantly higher than the national average in reading, writing and mathematics.’
  • ‘Teaching is outstanding. Pupils respond well to their teachers’ very high expectations.’
  • ‘Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary, both in lessons and around the school. They have very positive attitudes to learning and love coming to school.’
  • ‘Under the expert guidance of the principal, leaders have secured consistently high-quality teaching and curriculum planning. This results in pupils of all ages and different starting points making substantial progress in learning.’
  • ‘Pupils greatly enjoy a rich and exciting curriculum that fires their imaginations, providing memorable experiences that engage and enthuse them.’
  • ‘Learning coaches are highly skilled in supporting the learning of individuals and groups of pupils. They make a significant contribution to these pupils’ progress.’
  • ‘Leaders at all levels are determined to ensure that pupils reach very high academic standards. They put robust systems in place to ensure that all staff know how excellence can be achieved.’
  • ‘The school provides outstanding opportunities for pupils’ personal development and welfare. Pupils are diligent and hard working. They learn how to become caring, responsible citizens who contribute to the life of the school and the wider community.’
  • ‘Children get off to a flying start in the excellent early years provision. From the outset they are taught how to be expert learners and achieve very well in all areas of learning.’
  • ‘Governors are skilled, knowledgeable and know the school extremely well. They provide high levels of support and challenge to ensure that pupils get the highest quality of education.’

Rifat Batool, Principal of The Olive School, Birmingham, said:

“I am delighted that our school has been recognised as ‘outstanding’ in all areas by Ofsted. It was thrilling to read how impressed the inspectors were regarding the quality of teaching, and the immense impact this has had on the development, outcomes and high aspirations of our children and the enjoyment they experience when attending school.

“All members of the school community were praised so highly, from how well-mannered and behaved our pupils are to the skills and knowledge our governors bring to the school. It is amazing that the fantastic work of our staff has been recognised and that inspectors observed that staff care passionately about both the academic and personal development of all pupils. I am extremely proud that the vision for the school is being realised, which is ultimately changing the lives of our pupils for the better.”

Mufti Hamid Patel CBE, Chief Executive of Star Academies, commented:

“We are delighted that Ofsted has given The Olive School, Birmingham such an exceptional report that recognises the hard work, commitment and dedication from the entire school community to make the school such a success. It demonstrates how all staff truly care about ensuring every single pupil at the school strives to be the best they can be in their education and to become caring, responsible citizens. We look forward to supporting the school to continue to go from strength to strength.”

Read the full Ofsted report.

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